The Truth About Foods That Claim To Improve Heart Health

Heart is an important organ of the body because it pumps blood throughout the body providing an oxygen rich blood throughout the entire body and its organs. A healthy heart beats 60-80 beats per minute and surprisingly, a new born heart pumps faster by about 70-190 bpm. The amount of blood it pumps is about 6 liters in a day. For an organ to be able to do this task, the heart should be as strong as to withstand the pressure of the pumping action.

Food for the heart

Scientist and food nutritionist all agree that it is important to keep one’s heart healthy because it is the main source of nutrient supply for the whole body. Without the heart’s exceptional work, the body would deteriorate and many of the organs would malfunction. They come up with a list of food that can help in maintaining heart health:

  • Fatty fish and fish oil – rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fatty fish improves the blood cholesterol by lowering bad lipids and increasing high-density lipids contributing to healthy blood vessels.
  • Avocado – it is found out that monounsaturated fat rich avocados are great alternatives for healthy lipid source for they help in lowering the LDLs in the blood. Lowering the low density lipids prevents plaque buildup in the heart lining and blood vessels. In addition, avocados contain a number of mineral and vitamins.
  • Whole grains – rice, wheat, and oats are good fiber source. Not only that, they are also known to help combat cholesterol by washing them away when they are flushed out of the body.
  • Berries – a wide variety of berries contribute to the overall healthy heart because of their abundance of antioxidants. The presence of antho-cyanins helps fight free-radicals and ensures that the cells are renewed and well rejuvenated.

The truth

There is no exact claim as to how these foods would work in line with the heart health. But the truth is that these natural extracts and nutritional benefits help in some way but they are not the cure for the cardiovascular disease if the person has one already. These foods work best as preventives. They help manage the blood vessels and the heart by supplying them with needed vitamins and minerals. As the body grows and accumulates free-radicals, the health benefit of the food intake would come into play. Because the body started healthily, the heart is sure to function well despite the aging process.

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