Can It Damage Your Eyes If You Use Eye Drops Too Often?

Have you bought eye drops from a drug store? What was the reason? If it is unclear why you are buying eye drops regularly, you might be putting your eye health at risk.

Eye drops are saline solutions used to treat several problems of the eye. Some contain no medication and are meant simply to lubricate the eyes or wash away external elements. When your eyes aren’t making enough moisture on their own, lubricating eye drops help supplement your eye’s natural moisture. They get rid of irritation while promoting comfort. But they’re not always necessary.

Eye drops also help healing of the eye surface, upsurge comfort by plummeting the feeling of a surface cut and flush out any residual contaminating or injurious particles in an injured eye. Eye drops avert further harm by maintaining the eye lubricated. Eye drops have numerous viscosities and formulations. Particular eye drops may comprise bicarbonate ions, varying viscosity and tonicity. Several of them do not have preservatives and are being distributed in disinfected and single-use containers.  

Anti-allergic eye drops likewise ease the scorching and stinging of the eyes that is so usual with persons who have eye allergies. The use of medicated or prescript eye drops diminishes the chance of total side effects from the medications used when applied properly. In a day, not more than four doses of any eye drops encompassing preservatives should be used. Eye drops without preservatives must be selected for more regular dosing.

While smearing eye drops, the vessel should not touch the eye and even its surface to evade polluting the tip and scattering possible impurity. Similarly, bottles should not be shared. The top must also be securely and cautiously closed as soon as application is done. Bottles with unfastened seals or covers should not be used as the cover may fall into the eye while applying. Any of the components in the eye drops may cause aversion or allergy reaction. The product should not be used and prescription from a doctor should be obtained. Lastly, no eye drop solution must be used for about four months after opening it because fungal or bacterial infection is very likely to occur. Single-use containers must be disposed properly after used. If you want to avoid these risks, you better not use eye drops too often without proper medication.

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